Welcome to The Military Reunion Network!

Our mission is to support Veterans curious about or in the midst of planning a military reunion. We are here to answer planning questions, share tips and trends, and help you make connections. Planners of all experience levels are a part of our community from beginners planning their first reunion to seasoned experts that have been involved for years. There are several pages on our website that are beneficial to our Veteran Community. Here are a few suggestions to get you started.

  • Feel free to add your reunion to our Upcoming Reunions page.
  • Places to Hold a Reunion lists over 100 destinations and hotels to consider. You can even send and email with an RFP attachment directly from the listing. Many of our hospitality partners have a promotion or special offer you can take advantage of.
  • The Events page lists FAM events you can participate in. We strongly encourage you to check out the MRN Educational Summit!
  • Additional support, professional contacts, and helpful links are available on the Resources page.

We thank you for your service and sacrifice and applaud you for your continued volunteerism with regard to military reunions. There is nothing more important than staying connected.

Over 7,000 Veterans commit suicide every year. The connections made and maintained through the military reunions you plan, are critical to reducing the Veteran Suicide rate.