Reunion Planning can be challenging. Site selection, contracting, advertising, name tags, insurance, accommodations and transportation are among the many details reviewed over and over again. The Military Reunion Network Resources page offers Military Reunion Planners assistance on everything from event planning services to professional services, name tags, challenge coins and more.  The organizations are listed based on their reputation for excellent customer service and high standards of professionalism.  Check out the downloadable forms to assist you with your planning.

Downloadable Forms:

MRN Reunion Planning Checklist

MRN Sample Request for Proposal                                

MRN Hotel Site Inspection Form

MRN Reunion History Form

POW/MIA Table Set up


Event Insurance:

Green Leaf Insurance – Michelle Lenz  951-225-1083 Direct 951-225-1080 Office
Michelle is  a featured guest on Military Reunion Radio and a presenter at the Educational Summit.  She has a wealth of knowledge regarding event insurance.  Call her even if you think you are covered!

Contract Review:

Eisenstodt Assocs., LLC – Washington, DC  Joan Eisenstodt
202-737-7890 or
Joan has been an industry leader in the world of hotel contracts.  She has often been called upon as an expert witness regarding hospitality contracts
Read her bio here.  Fees, if any, are between Joan and the inquiring planner.  Reunion Friendly Network is not involved with fee negotiation.


John S. Foster, Esq., CHME  Attorney and Counselor at Law
Foster, Jensen & Gulley
Main:  404-873-5200

Mr. Foster is outside counsel to Meeting Professionals International (MPI) headquarters in reviewing and preparing industry contracts and handling other legal issues.  Fees, if any, are between Mr. Foster and the inquiring planner.  Reunion Friendly Network is not involved with fee negotiation.

Looking for Service Mates?

Trying to find your fellow mates can be a challenging.  The links listed below are wonderful resources to aid you in your search.