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To our Veterans that have volunteered to plan reunions, we thank you for your continued volunteerism in keeping your battle family together. We welcome you to The Military Reunion Network Community. 
Membership Information:

As a member of The Military Reunion Network, you receive discounts on a wide variety of services we provide.  If you plan on attending just one event, you will have paid for your membership. It is also a great way to support what we do. Membership covers your Association Board of Directors, Volunteer Reunion Planners and Reunion Committee members and your Association Members.  Click here to join, list or update a reunion.

We are here to help you through the reunion planning process. We understand questions arise on a variety of topics like site selection, contracts, and sometimes your Reunion Board of Directors. We are a phone call away.

Instructions to list your reunion:

Listing your reunion for the first time:

Scroll through the list below to be sure it is not already posted. If you don’t see it, click here to add it online! If you do find it, and there is a different reunion planner contact, send us an email with the details and we will help you get it updated.  If YOU are the reunion planner listed, follow the instructions below for existing reunion planners.

Existing reunion planners:

Existing reunion listings are connected to the email address provided when the reunion was posted for the first time.  To update an existing reunion, you will need the email as well as a password, which you can reset.  To update a reunion from a previous year to a future year:

  • Change the reunion name to begin with the year it will take place, ie 2022 USS MRN would change to 2024 USS MRN
  • Make sure the reunion date format looks like this Oct 17-21 2024 and NOT October 17th – October 21st, 2024.
  • Click here to log into your reunion listing.

Looking for a reunion to attend?

If you are a Veteran looking for your reunion and don’t see it listed, click here and tell us who you are looking for.

Please Note: There is a no solicitation policy regarding outside vendors contacting reunion planners through this listing.


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