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You are one of the estimated 4.1 million Navy Veterans. Your community is as unique as your service. You spent weeks if not months at sea. You and your crew got to know each other well.

Your reunions are just as unique. They include a return to the water be it at a reunion on the coast, or a quiet lake to lay a wreath to the fallen. They include tours of ships or submarines retired after years of service and the quiet sigh of spouses reluctantly tagging along for “yet another” visit. Here are just a few of the upcoming Navy Reunions. You are welcome to list your reunion complimentary as well. Visit our Upcoming Reunions page for more information.

  • USS Wallace L Lind DD 703
  • USS Wexford County LST 1168
  • USS Yosemite AD 19
  • USS Norris DD/DDE 859
  • VT-29
  • USS Ashland LSD Assoc
  • USS Ault DD 698
  • USS Muliphen Reunion Assoc
  • USS Dubuque (LPD-8)
  • Mine Div 113 Vietnam
  • USS Kenneth D Bailey Dd713 Ddr71
  • USS Charles R Ware
  • USS Growler
  • USS Boston (CA-69/CAG-1/SSN-703 )
  • USS Bushnell AS 15
  • CBMU 302
  • USS Donner LSD 20
  • USS Gregory DD 802
  • USS Lexington CV 16
  • USS Litchfield County LST 901
  • Mariner Marlin Seaplane Association
  • Observation Island
  • USS Park County LST 1077
  • USS Sellers DDG 11
  • USS Aucilla (AO-56) Association
  • USS Princeton Veterans Inc
  • CBMU 302

Deep Submergence Group Association Reunion

The Military Reunion Network connects Navy Reunion Planners with the right destinations for your unique needs.  When you are ready to meet inland, we can help you there too. 

If you are a planner seeking destinations that fit your groups interest and budget, click on Places to Hold a Reunion.   In addition, we provide complimentary resources to assist you with the reunion process from contract questions to event insurance. 

The Military Reunion Network