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You found your battle family, now it is time to get together.

The Military Reunion Network has been around since 1991, working with reunion planners just like you. Our mission is to help Veterans connect and as a result reduce Veteran Suicide. Veterans that stay connected to each other have a greater chance of staying off of that dark path. We THANK YOU for taking the step to keep your battle family together. Your reunion will be among the OVER 15,000 that take place every year.

MRN is here to support you whether it is taking care of all the details or just answering questions along the way. The hospitality industry is ever changing especially in recent years. We stay on top of industry issues in an effort to help you avoid the planning landmines.

We can plan the entire event for a fee and will establish specific costs based on what you want us to do. There is no fee to you to attend a training class or have us answer questions along the way. That is why we are here.

Ready to get started? Tell us a bit about you, your battle family, and your reunion ideas. The questions below are just to get started. We will connect with you directly for additional details.

The Military Reunion Network