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The Military Reunion Network podcast is designed to enjoy as you are going about your day.  We focus on planning tips, destination and hotel conversations, speakers you can book for your reunion and Veterans with a story to share.

COVID-19 Industry Updates

The status of the Hospitality Industry as of October 2021

Anthony Anton CEO of the Washington State Hospitality Industry, shares his thoughts on where the industry is now and where it is headed.
Planning Tips for Military Reunions

What the heck is Military Reunion Network Radio?

This show is specifically for any Veterans that are curious about, interested in, or involved with planning a military reunion. 
Planning Tips for Military Reunions

Buy the Event Insurance…you will sleep better.

You CAN be sued by reunion attendees....protect yourself with Event Insurance.
Planning Tips for Military Reunions

What to know when working with Motor Coach Companies

Learn the difference between Motor Coach Brokers and Motor Coach Companies and where to look up bus safety records.
Planning Tips for Military Reunions

Cool Tips for planning a virtual reunion

It is possible to plan a virtual military reunion! Suzanne Tyler, Owner of VMA Global Events, shares her tips on making virtual reunions easy and fun.
Reunion Stories

A reunion of 2 WWII Veterans goes from FaceBook to the Emmys!

A Facebook post from a 91 year old started it all. Find out what happened when two World War II Veterans reunited for the first time in 70 years
Reunion Minded Destinations and Hotel

The Pride, Passion, and Patriotism in Pueblo Colorado.

A super cool story about the resident of Pueblo coming together in hopes of hosting a very special Veteran event.
Inspirational Speakers and Heroic Stories

What 911 was like for NYC Firefighter Joe Torrillo

Retired NYC Firefighter Joe Torrillo was buried in the ruble when the Towers fell on 911
Reunion Stories

When Jenny and Jake met the Veterans that served with their Uncle Mike.

Uncle Mike died during his service in Vietnam.  The research by his niece Jenny and her son Jake, lead them to meeting the men that served along side him.  They were able to speak with the last people to see and speak to him before he died. 
The Military Reunion Network