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MRN Survey and Results

MRN offers complimentary video conferencing for reunions wishing to meet virtually.

The Military Reunion Network has the following recommendations for military reunion planners.

  • Put the safety and health of attendees first when evaluating whether to move forward with planned events.
  • Establish and maintain communication with hotel and convention visitor bureau partners regarding contracted reunions.
  • Communicate with hotel and convention visitor bureau partners intentions related to reunions held on a TENTATIVE basis.

General thoughts regarding current and future reunion contracts:

Terms for contracts are changing as reunion planners navigate the Delta variant of COVID19. It is important for reunion planners to view hotels with which they are negotiating as a partner. Honest, open communication and understanding is critical to ensure a successful reunion.

Legal experts recommend the addition of a specific clause in contracts that outlines details related to COVID19 and all variants. Covid19 is NOT covered under the Force Majeure clause as it is known. (The Force Majeure clause is a contract clause in an agreement that focuses on unforeseen situations that make it impossible or illegal for the event to move forward). It is also recommended to include a statement of purpose clause for your reunion which spells out what is required in order to have a successful reunion. Finally, consider renegotiating existing agreements.

As of August of 2021, the hotel industry is experiencing significant staffing challenges in all departments. Discuss the expectation of the standard of service for your reunion. Reunion Planners may expect 1 server for 4 tables during the reunion banquet. The hotel may only have staffing for 1 server for 8 tables. Direct and detailed conversations regarding staffing will be important prior to the event.

The Military Reunion Network